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Thurrock Travel CLub

Introducing the Thurrock Travel Club. The basis of this club is to open up a path that brings together people who have a lust for travel, exploring and adventure and offer a place that is away from the sofa and the TV and a chance to get away with other like minded people.
If you are feeling like you need more from life and break away from the box this is the club for you.

Our members are people who principally want to meet new people, form new associations and do so under the desired ambition of taking trips as a team; be it an afternoon out or a serious excursion to locations not part of the “packaged” and predicable holiday industry.

The Thurrock travel club plans excursions to local and mid-local events in arts and entertainment whether it’s the theater, art exhibitions, concerts or cinema, the objective is simple; putting together people with the lust for something new but with a desire to experience these things with like-minded thinkers.

We also plan trips that put its members on a course to discover new and daring experiences across the UK and even further that gives you a new environment side by side with other members so you can explore and live with like-minded thinkers who demand more from life. 

About us

We are not a travel agency; we are not a dating agency or anything like that. We are simply a body of individuals who have started to recognize that too much free time is squandered in isolation waiting to go back to work, people who are just making a living instead of designing a life and people who need to be around others who have ambition to get off the couch and live a little more.

So how much is Membership? It’s FREE! 

All you need is to know you need more from life than you are currently getting and then fill out the form in Join page to join our mailing list and then we can get started making those associations and then making those plans.